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About the State Buildings

The State Buildings are located in the heart of Perth’s CBD as three interconnecting iconic heritage buildings. Previously The Old Treasury Building, over their 140-year history, they’ve been used as a Post Office, Public Offices, a Police cellblock, Treasury, and office of the Premier and Cabinet.

Reimagined and re-stored, the State Buildings have been returned to the people of Perth as a vibrant hub of retail shopping, dining and bars and luxury accommodation, housing COMO The Treasury.

The iconic Postal Hall at the heart of the State Buildings stands as a marker of passion, tenacity and curiosity, giving the people of Perth a reason to celebrate their history and importantly, Western Australia’s bright future. The State Buildings inhabit Perth’s geographical centre – known as “point zero”, from where all road distances in WA are measured – and are bordered by Barrack St, St Georges Tce, Cathedral Ave and Hay St. The State Buildings were opened by Charles, Prince of Wales on 15 November 2015.

The Restorationstate_buildings

The restoration of the State Buildings is a collaboration of public and private interest with one consistent vision – to return a set of buildings back to public use.

“We wanted to make sure the heritage of the buildings was respected, and that the buildings respected the citizens of Perth, so we wanted it to be a public place. Part of our philosophy from day one was that every door that existed within the buildings would be open to the public.”

To retain this heritage, the developers were clear that the project deserved a significant investment in order to ensure the result was worthy of the original buildings and that people could once again enjoy them for hundreds of years to come.

Cathedral Square Precinct

Cathedral Square is a vibrant urban neighbourhood in the centre of Perth. Designed as an open, interactive meeting place and public square, the precinct introduces both locals and tourists to dining, retail, arts and entertainment experiences.

The precinct is bound by St Georges Tc, Barrack St, Hay St and Pier St in one of Perth’s major CBD blocks and houses the State Buildings, Perth Town Hall, St George’s Cathedral, The Deanery, the State Administrative Tribunal building, the new City of Perth Library and David Malcolm Justice Centre.

The buildings work together, not in isolation – the precinct’s restoration sees the demolition of the old Law Chambers and Playhouse Theatre to open the eastern side of St George’s Cathedral for the first time in decades.

“Heritage is the art of saving what is useful and beautiful but also updating it for modern use.” Terry Fripp, Kerry Hill Architects.

Explore one of Perth’s most significant historic sites with a self-guided heritage tour. Download the PDF booklet here.