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Trash Tiki Dinner

Trash Tiki Dinner
February 21, 2018
$97 (incl Booking Fee)
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Trash Tiki is all about making those everyday ‘would-be’ waste items into something delicious that we and the planet can all enjoy, and sharing a little knowledge along the way.

At this Trash Tiki Dinner, you’ll be able to experience Trash Tiki’s minimal waste practices first hand. The dinner will be hosted by Iain and Kelsey who have partnered with Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark to create four cocktails unique to this tour, and will be working with Petition Kitchen Head Chef, Jesse Blake to pair these drinks with a three-course shared dinner.

Trash Tiki at Petition Kitchen will also feature a ‘wild card’ drink which is exclusive to the venue, and will be created using a combination of fresh local ingredients and waste items left over from the dinner.

Sit back, be served, be delighted and be educated before each course.


Extend this package with an overnight stay at COMO The Treasury

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