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Wanjoo Workshops

Wanjoo Workshops
August 21 2019
21/08/2019 @ 4.30pm
Free entry via registration
Free Registration

WANJOO Workshop with Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse

Guitar brilliance, incandescent vocals and a heart set on sharing Noongar language with students and schools across the country, Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse are award-winning performers who have joined forces to bring what they do best to the school stage and beyond.

Gina and Guy bring a fresh, modern take on ancient traditions; merging evocative sounds, natural acoustic instruments, poignant stories with that incredible, beautiful voice.

The iconic welcome song “Wanjoo” has reached more than 70,000 people since 2015, a number that keeps on growing. Many of the schools have chosen to continue using Wanjoo, singing it at school assemblies alongside the national anthem.

Their song, Wanjoo – a simple offering of “welcome”  to all from the language of this land. Simple in song and delivery yet the implications are far reaching. Over 120,000 children are singing this humble song through schools in WA and beyond and many have adopted this as their school mantra.

Experience one of the 3 upcoming Wanjoo Workshops for kids, grandparents and parents alike – all are welcome to join in this free event, that brings our nations first language to our future generations through song.

Everyone is welcome.


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