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Birak Season at Wildflower

Birak – Season of the Young

Birak Season at Wildflower

Birak Season

A shimmering, dry heat settles and Birak- the Noongar First Summer, creeps in.

This cycle breeds a brilliance of glare with a blinding reflection; a beckoning from the horizon to tread salty waters for soothing refreshment that nurtures the soul with Mother Natures swell.

In a region of renowned biodiversity and abundance, this land sustained our First Nations People for thousands apon thousands of years. Observing the constant changes of the seasons, the stars in the skies, the flight paths of birds, only food was taken that was needed to survive.

Within this precious and ancient Heritage, we are ever-grateful for the Indigenous preservation of native flora and fauna – ingredients that inspire us today, yet bred from the timeworn earth to keep this phenomenal culture alive.

There is a shift in the air and we breathe in change yet again…


Ingredient in Focus

Michael D’Adamo loves duck – Wagin Duck. Wagin Peking Duck to be precise. Featured as the final savoury element on the six course menu this year, there is favour here for this supreme supplier for a reason.

“I love using Wagin Duck – a local supplier situated on the way to Albany, between Narrogin and Katanning. We leave the breast on the bone to age for a week which imparts more flavour and reduces the moisture content. Match with the classic combination of delicious, local seasonal cherries, paired with the subtle bitterness of witlof, this is a combination I simply can’t go past.”

Head Chef, Michael D’adamo’s


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