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Bunuru Season at Wildflower

Bunuru – Season of the Adolescence

Bunuru Season at Wildflower

Bunuru Season

Like a golden flame thrown down from the sun, we find ourselves basking in BUNURU – the second summer of the six-season Noongar calendar.

As this season rides across warm easterly winds, driving us to the coast, we fight the intrepid heat that falls from February to March and beyond.

In the cooling surrounds of Wildflower, the menu revolves around these six indigenous cycles and in this abundant south western region of ours, Head Chef – Matthew Sartori is well aware that we live within one of the Earth’s biodiversity hotspots.

With this always in the forefront of his mind, his passion for indigenous seasonal inspiration is driven by a desire to explore and discover through a deep respect of the First Nation’s culture – a culture that is long and unbroken.

Let the sun shine in and join us for BUNURU.


Ingredient in Focus

From a childhood spent foraging within a world that contrasts magnificently to the average city child, Matthew explored Kalgoorlie-rich, red earths and harsh seasonal influences — driving an innocent curiosity into a gastronomical career filled with purpose and acclaim.

“It’s hard to nominate only one native ingredient that I love, but if I had to choose one, right now I am a little bit obsessed over river mint.

I love how fragrant this mint is, as soon as you touch it, the aroma projects itself on you, I also love how versatile this ingredient is, much like common mint.

River mint featured heavily last season. Firstly on our lamb course, where we made a vinaigrette using the leaves to dress raw thinly shaved courgette, and a rosella mousse dessert with a triple cream cheese ice-cream, purple oxalis and crispy rosella. The river mint balanced nicely against the creaminess and funkiness of the ice-cream in my opinion.

For BUNURU, I have created a new dish using South-West beef short rib, onion and black garlic, simply garnished with the river mint leaves.”

Head Chef, Michael D’adamo’s


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