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Out of the Blue: A COMO Conversation | 2020


Join us for a conversation that delves deep into the world of sustainable fishing, helmed by award-winning journalist and broadcaster Meri Fatin.

Out of the Blue sees a conversation between two pioneers in the sustainable fishing industry: David Carter – CEO of Austral Fisheries, a revolutionary carbon neutral fishery practice – and Jeff Hansen, Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia, who was instrumental in successful anti-whaling campaigns on the Southern Ocean.

Both David and Jeff share similar visions for the future of sustainable fishing. They met over a joint concern about the poaching of Patagonian Tooth Fish – known as ‘white gold’ – and joined forces to stop Thunder, a notorious illegal fishing boat.

The talk will delve into the pair’s unlikely partnership, sharing stories of eliminating poachers, achieving carbon neutrality and life on the high seas. It will also look to the future of the fishing industry and what we, as consumers, can do to make a difference.

Tickets include refreshments.

COMO Conversations

Out of the Blue is the latest in a new series of events to be held within the State Buildings – a collection of thought-provoking dialogues with inspirational people, curated by COMO The Treasury. This is part of a wider series of COMO Conversations, held at COMO Hotels and Resorts around the world.

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About your speakers

David Carter

David has worked his entire, 40-year career at Austral Fisheries and its predecessors. A Marine Science graduate, David began working as a Deckhand on a prawn trawler off the coast of Darwin. He is now CEO of Austral Fisheries, with a strong commitment to sustainable, science-based fishery management that preserves the environment. Under his leadership, in 2016 the organisation became the first carbon neutral seafood company in the world. This year, David received the Marine Stewardship Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jeff Hansen

Jeff has been working with Sea Shepherd since 2006, having served as a crew-member on two Antarctic campaigns to locate illegal whaling fleets since then. Following a strategic call as quartermaster in 2008 that led to the discovery of the whaling fleet’s factory vessel, sparing 500 whales from harpoons – Jeff was offered the position of Managing Director. Jeff has played a pivotal role in tackling illegal fishing, plastic pollution and climate change through his work at Sea Shepherd.

Meri Fatin

Meri Fatin will be leading the conversation. She studied broadcasting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, before working as a news and current affairs producer on ABC Radio. She founded Rare Air podcast in 2015. Among others, Meri has interviewed author Margaret Atwood, broadcaster Dr Michael Mosley and Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde.


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