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COMO Shambhala x Sodashi

COMO Shambhala x Sodashi
May 11 to May 21 2023


The first 3 guests who book in for a Sodashi treatment throughout State Makers  (11-21 May),will receive a Chakra Balancing Enhancer which will be a new treatment being offered in COMO Shambhala.

Como Shambhala has recently launched this beautiful enhancer to the Sodashi treatment offering within the spa. This 30 minute luxurious treatment addition suggests, a variety of selected gems (such as Golden Citrine, Amethyst and Australian Mookite), work alongside Sodashi’s fine-tuned Chakra Blend Oils to instil a deep sense of relaxation and equilibrium whilst revitalising the energy flow. Working subtly on the energetic body with profound effects, this truly unique experience leaves you feeling calm and a state of harmony, resulting in an increase in overall wellbeing and rejuvenated in the body, mind and skin.

This beautiful experience can be continued at home through the 7 Chakra Oil blends which correspond to the 7 Chakra points on the body. These can be applied either via inhalation, application to the chakra point or application to the corresponding point on the soles of the feet. The idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit.

*To be eligible for the promotion you must state the word ‘STATE MAKERS’ at the time of booking. 

This is subject to spa availability and also can be done as an add-on to a treatment or a stand alone treatment.

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