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Dry July around the Building

Dry July around the Building
July 1 to July 31 2024

State Buildings is proud to sponsor Dry July, offering an array of non-alcoholic options across our venues. Our Bar Operations Manager, Matt Bodycote, has crafted exquisite cocktails using Ovant for the month of Dry July –  ‘We strongly believe in memorable experiences, but that doesn’t mean alcohol, it means incredibly delicious products in beautiful venues and great company (including our staff). Giving guests who choose not to drink, for whatever reason, helps us push our limits on how to create memorable experiences through depth of flavour, which is why we choose to partner with Ovant throughout the building. Dry July is a great time to start the conversation that may help those take a break that would have otherwise not thought about it.’

Discover the delightful creations we have popping up across the buildings:


  • LIGHTNING STRIKES  Ovant Verve, Davidson plum syrup, fiore ferment (chamomile, jasmine, nashi pear), orange, lightning paint
  • WINE DARK SEA Ovant Grace, cherry & coffee blend, aspen juice, lemon & ginger craft soda, seasalt


  • BEEHIVE Ovant Verve, chardonnay verjus, no-whites, native myrtle honey, bee pollen
  • GINLESS & TONIC – Ovant Royal, wildflower tonic syrup, soda, quandong & myrtle
  • SANS GIMLET Ovant Verve, sunrise lime juice, redback ginger, agave, viola


  • LIMONAID – Ovant Verve, lime, lemonade, orange, makrut


  • BITTER WINTER – Ovant Royal, apple, elderflower, bitter syrup, lemon myrtle

Join us this Dry July and indulge in these exceptional non-alcoholic beverages, specially crafted to delight your senses and support a great cause.


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