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Kambarang Season at Wildflower

Kambarang– Season of Birth

Kambarang Season at Wildflower

Kambarang Season

A steadfast signal of the long dry to follow, KAMBARANG arrives with a burst of bright yellow amidst a flowering flourish of delicately intricate, yet deceptively hardy blooms.

An abundant explosion of seasonal colour and change; Mother Nature is in full flight again.

First Nations Noongar People would once more move to the coastal water lines, catching flighty frogs and the slow plodding tortoise, or perhaps a freshwater crayfish. A well-stocked natural supermarket from Earth herself with a generous bounty of ever-changing diversity.

The second spring will step aside as summer is in our sights.


Ingredient in Focus

A blistering pop of perennial green awakens the palate as locally farmed Torbay Asparagus responds to the seasons command. Situated between Denmark and Albany, Torbay Farm delivers this delightfully attentive vegetable, rich in earthen nutrients and salivating sweetness.

Paired with delicate scallops, hints of lemon myrtle and sorghum abound, claiming a righteous place as the second course on our Kambarang tasting menu.

Wildflower Head Chef, Michael D’Adamo delights in seizing the springtime with a solid belief that this asparagus is the best in Australia.

“Coming into spring and using local Torbay Asparagus is amazing! This is a seasonal go-to for the kitchen and we can apply such an array of techniques to a simple bunch; whether it be chargrilling, crudités, or using the trimmings for a purée – not a bit is wasted. We then lightly torch the Abrolhos Island scallops, enhancing the textural smokiness of the chargrilled asparagus. The addition of lemon myrtle brings a light acidity to the dish, resulting in a finely elevated balance”.

Head Chef, Michael D’adamo’s


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