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14 February 2023

Meet Jane Collins

Introducing Petition's new Head Chef, Jane Collins.

Meet Jane Collins
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Originally from New Zealand, Jane’s passion for the culinary world ignited at a young age through cooking with her grandmothers. Since then, she has dedicated years to mastering her talent, and has worked alongside acclaimed Chef Richard Corrigan and Michelin-starred mastermind, Marco Pierre White at the renowned Chez Max Brasserie.

Every chef has their own cooking philosophy, and Jane’s has an experimental approach. While dining at Petition, expect an eclectic menu, with local Western Australian ingredients and a fusion twist, like her local figs roasted with pickled beetroot, baba ganoush and macadamia.

Jane also endeavours to learn more about Western Australia’s incredible ingredients and create interesting dishes that cater to different dietary preferences. She has already got a pineapple carpaccio on the menu that is not quite like anything you would find anywhere else.

Jane’s passion for creating and experimenting with food is matched with her enthusiasm to create an evolving menu which reflects ingredients sourced locally within Western Australia. She’s all about making the ingredient the hero of the dish –think heirloom tomatoes with feta, black olive tapenade and basil.

Her current favourite Western Australian ingredients are warrigal greens and Shark Bay scallops, so expect to see them popping up on the menu soon.

Having worked in a predominantly male-dominated environment, it took many years of tenacity and perseverance for Jane to pave a path for herself.

While the journey may have been tumultuous, Jane has taken it in her stride and is not just a leader, but also an innovator and mentor to her team, where she nurtures and teaches young chefs within her kitchen to thrive within this challenging and competitive industry.


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